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Programmatic Marketing – Everything You Need To Know

Programmatic, by definition, just means automated.  If you are looking into programmatic marketing, you are really just looking into automated digital marketing efforts. Programmatic marketing or advertising […]

The Difference Between Traditional Media & Digital Media

What Is Media Buying? Media Buying is the act of paying for placements either on the internet or in physical locations to promote a business, product, or […]

What Is Impression Share In Google Ads?

Impression Share: The Google Ad Hierarchy  In 2022, the secret formula to your Google Ad campaign is to focus on your Impression Share.  Impression Share is the […]

Setting Up Google Tag Manager (GTM) For The Non-Techie Person

If you are hopelessly trying to set up Google Tag Manager (GTM) and are not a techie person, this post is for you. For those of you [...]

Increase Your Conversion Rates 3x With A Landing Page Builder (& Unbounce Discount Code)

Unbounce & Landing Page Builders   If you have read any of my blogs before, you know my stance on landing pages.    Landing pages should be [...]

2022 Guide For Setting Up Profitable Facebook Ad Campaigns

Introduction   Facebook ads are here to stay.   The Facebook advertising platform can help your business reach 2.14 billion new people.    No wonder why 3 [...]

Humanize Your Marketing For 2022

Marketing In The Pandemic Let’s face it, the 2020 pandemic changed everything.  Every single client I work with had either their best year ever in 2020 or [...]

How To Fix A Poor Performing Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook Ad Campaigns Facebook Ads have been at the forefront of any social media marketing strategy for almost 15 years.  If you want to grow a business, […]

Business Spotlight: Curated Heat

Curated Heat | Vintage Clothing Shop St. Pete, FL Curated Heat is a vintage clothing and resale shop located in the heart of Downtown St. Petersburg, FL. [...]

How To Troubleshoot & Optimize A Bad Performing Google Ad Campaign

Google Ad Troubleshooting   Google Ad campaigns can sometimes feel they are headed in the wrong direction and every new change you make to try to steady [...]

Can Digital Advertising Help Your Local Business? (With Examples)

. How Does Digital Advertising Work?   When you use digital advertisements to promote your business, you are purchasing impressions or attention from your target audience.    [...]

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