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Digital marketing consistently connects your business with your ideal target audience. Sell more, worry less.

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    Research and Strategy

    You need a marketing company that will conduct extensive research on your target market and competitors to ensure an impenetrable marketing strategy that guides the way to increased sales and exposure.

    Branding and Design

    Branding and design are key for your company to reach your audience. Choosing a marketing agency to properly create branding and graphic designs can create a recognizable company that your customers can trust.

    Advertising and Promotion

    Your brand has a story and Brenden The Marketer from St. Petersburg, FL will bring that story to the entire world. Together we will ignite success by creating hype through advertising, PR, and social media management.

    Monthly Marketing Plans

    Let's connect and make a unique monthly digital marketing plan tailored to your specific business objectives.

    The perfect option for businesses that want to grow their social media presence and monetize their following.

    Social Media Engagement Plan
    Marketing strategy
    Competitor analysis
    In-depth market research
    Up to 3 social media platforms
    Social media strategy development
    Content creation/Photoshoot
    Monthly social media management
    Monthly reporting
    Monthly ad-spend management
    $500 monthly ad-spend included
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    Want more sales? No problem. This plan utilizes internet marketing to convert traffic into customers.

    Sales Conversion Plan
    All services from Social Media plan
    Website management
    Lead generation and capture
    Sales funnel creation
    Keyword research
    Text ad creation optimization
    Retargeting campaigns
    Conversion tracking
    $1000 monthly ad-spend included
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    Incorporate a full-service marketing agency behind your brand to be everywhere your customers are.

    Total Internet Marketing Plan
    All services from Conversion plan
    Direct mail campaigns
    Marketing research
    Email campaigns
    Follow up campaigns
    Maintenance everyday for optimization
    Detailed performance reporting
    Social listening
    Public Relations
    $1500 monthly ad-spend included
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    Marketing is one of the most important ingredients to a successful business. Once your product is ready to take to market, you need to evaluate your target audience and how to connect them to your brand.


    Advertising is a sure-fire way to get in front of your exact target market and incentivize them to connect with your business. The perfect way to scale your business and ensure long-lasting success is through advertising.


    Search Engine Optimization brings your business to new customers every single by being on the first page of a search result. After that, searches will bring organic visitors flocking to your website by the thousands.

    Web Design

    Websites are the most powerful tool for any business. Whether you sell products or services having a fast loading and purposed website with a sales funnel built-in can bring you a steady stream of new customers.


    Branding your business properly is crucial to the long-term success of your company. Marketing is about building trust with your audience and with a consistent and recognizable logo is the perfect way to do that.

    Social Media

    Social Media Marketing is the cherry on the top of your marketing. Telling your own story through posts and pictures on social media is the best way to connect with your audience and grow a large customer base online.

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