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    Digital Marketing

    Every successful product, business, and brand is backed by a strong marketing strategy. Marketing doesn’t need to be complex or cost you thousands of dollars. The main idea is to create a 3 part marketing funnel that is fueled by customer feedback and reviews. Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion are the three phases of the funnel and they live within everything your brand does. Smart marketers know how to position their brand within each phase for calculated annual growth.

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    Advertising & Paid Media

    The truth is that no one likes advertisements. They interrupt the user experience and cause more of an annoyance than anything. Remember that ads are also content and they should be created for the target audience to enjoy. If your product is as great as you say, then people are naturally needing it. Smart advertising knows how to properly target the people in the market for your product with ads they really enjoy.

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    Data & Attribution

    Conversion tracking is a crucial component of any marketing campaign. Reporting dashboards should be set up and tested before any content is put into market. Smart marketers love the data and understand that marketing campaigns should be treated like science experiments. Tests & analysis are how marketing campaigns get optimized and reach profitability. When working with a marketing agency, it should be looked at as a long-term partnership.

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