General information

The Marketer is Brenden Delarua. By using The Marketer’s services you get an expert marketing consultant that researches your industry and provides professional marketing support. The Marketer is a single person, however; 3rd party vendors will be utilized if the scope of the work requires them. For example, photography or graphic designs will be outsourced if the project demands it.

Brenden offers monthly marketing plans to generate leads and amplify your brand and also he offers single project services depending on the needs of your business. Brenden is not responsible for actions taken by a business based around the marketing strategies that were not outlined in the deliverables.

Privacy Policy

One of my main priorities is the privacy of my clients. Executing my job properly requires sensitive information like credit card numbers or login information to access various accounts. All insider knowledge or secrets will stay confidential and secure between the client and me. Even before any deal is made or contract is signed all information shared with The Marketer will remain private.

When filling out my contact forms you agree to be entered into my email list. I transfer your name and email into my email list automatically. The contact information is not sold to anyone or used by anyone other than The Marketer. Unsubscribing to these emails is as easy as selecting “unsubscribe” at the bottom of each. The types of emails that will come through would be offers and new events from The Marketer or my clients.

If you have additional questions or require more information about my Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact me through email at [email protected]

Marketing Plans

After receiving your request for a marketing plan to be made by The Marketer, Brenden will contact you regarding your request. Due to high volumes of inquiries, Brenden cannot accept every offer he is given. If he decides to proceed with the marketing plan, payment of $895 will be required upfront before any research is done. Additional resources might be required such as product samples for surveys or focus groups. Brenden will try to deliver the marketing plans in a timely manner but due to the differences and customization of each plan based on the business’ needs, delivery times differ for each plan. Throughout the course of the collaboration, Brenden will need to speak to the owner’s and employees of each business on multiple bases to best understand the business process and how it can be improved.

Since the payment is for The Marketer’s time there is no refund available for the marketing plans.

Single Project Services

The Marketer offers single services for projects that do not need reoccurring marketing support. These projects include website development, logo design, or content creation, etc. These projects are priced off the scope of the work and how many hours Brenden puts in to make the project complete. These are not billed hourly but as an estimated 1-time price that may be broken down into installments. Actual pricing for your project can be discussed after the terms of the project are presented to Brenden.

Refunds for single project services cannot be a full refund due to the fact that the majority of the price goes towards the creation of that project and will most likely be spent during the creation; however, for single project services, you may request a 20-80% refund before the delivery of the project. This will depend on how much of the budget was already spent. If a refund is requested the project will not be delivered.

Monthly Marketing Services

The reoccurring monthly marketing services in any of the three plans (Basic, Professional, and Enterprise) will include a variety of services. Each client who purchases these plans will have a different set of monthly services provided due to the differences in business needs. The services listed under the template plans on the website are not what each client will receive. The specific services offered monthly for your business will be discussed after the discovery phone call with The Marketer.

These plans are very flexible and allow for the most improvement in a company’s marketing strategy. A refund for this service decreases 25% from 100% each week of the month due to the majority of the price goes into the business and will be spent accordingly. The monthly spending reports will be available to each client. For example, after the first week, only 75% of the monthly budget can be refunded, then after the 2nd week, only 50% can be refunded, and so on.


The Marketer holds client confidentiality as one of the most important parts of a partnership. Before, during and after a contract term all information given to The Marketer will remain confidential. Contracts are written on a month to month basis, the contract can be canceled by both parties at any time. The refunds for these services are listed above.

The contracts are mainly for outlining the scope of work that is requested and how much the payment is for. These help both parties understand the agreement fully.