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Marketing resources are here to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes I made when I first started out. As every business owner knows, there is a big learning curve that is filled with trial and error until you find a groove that works for you. The products listed on this page are all products I actively use, and in my opinion, are the best in their class. These are the best products and pretty much all of them can be integrated into each other to really streamline your marketing process. Don’t waste time trying out other tools or resources, the products below are all you need to effectively market your business on the internet.

Website Builder

Sell Your Products & Services With Your Online Store Using SiteGround

Create a website that can rank with your top competitors. The industry standard for websites is WordPress because of its versatile creation platform and the ability to fully customize every inch of your site exactly how you like it. The website you are currently on is made on WordPress. Every website I have ever made for a client is on WordPress because whether your business is just starting or you make $100,000 in revenue each month, a WordPress site can achieve all functionality to support your business. Having a website is one thing but you need a place to host where your website lives. I use SiteGround. SiteGround is a web hosting platform that allows the creation of WordPress sites all included in the subscription fee. SiteGround tech support is top-notch and always useful. Also, SiteGround has a built-in website optimizer that keeps your website loading faster than the speed of light, or at least close to it. Keep your website secure with built-in SSL encryption tools. I can’t recommend SiteGround enough if you are wanting to build your website properly. In the past, I have worked with clients who use cheaper alternatives which become issues down the line for conversion tracking or integration with CRMs and other tools. Save yourself the headache and sign up for SiteGround and create your website on WordPress.

Create Your WordPress Site On SiteGround

Search Engine Optimization

Capitilize Off The Power Of Google Searches & Drive Traffic Through Your Website

Consistent SEO strategies over time can bring thousands of new visitors to your website every day. I can’t say enough on how important SEO is for your business. Imagine if you had a store and 1,000 new people came inside of it every day. That is 1,000 new opportunities to sell. SEO can take a lot of time but the payoff is worth it. I usually tell new clients to invest in SEO for the long-term strategy and advertising for the immediate and long-term growth strategy. By the time your advertising campaign would be optimized and bringing in sales regularly your SEO campaign should start bringing in the right traffic. Google looks at two things for search engine rankings: Content & On-Page Optimizations. For your content strategy, keyword research, and competitor research use SEMRUSH. Depending on your revenue SEMRUSH can grow with you and even be used for Social Media Marketing. On the other side of the coin, on-page optimizations can be confusing and very tedious to fix on your website. Alli AI does this for you within a second. The Alli A.I. pixel updates with the algorithms and keeps your website in top shape for search engines. Finally, the last tool is free and certainly the most important of them all. Yoast is a WordPress plugin that helps you reach full content optimization for your posts. Every website I create will have Yoast installed as default.

Optimize Your Site With The Click Of A Button With Alli A.I.
Build Organic Traffic The Right Way With SEMRUSH
Install Yoast For Free (You NEED It!)

Digital Advertising

Create Your Funnel & Optimize For Maximum Conversions

Advertising is the tried and true way of reaching new audiences and growing your brand. Businesses that say they only get business from referrals are in more trouble than they think. Referrals are important and a great way of finding dream clients because trust is already built through a mutual connection. But imagine if you had more “referrals” coming in every day. Advertising allows your business another channel of leads and sales. On average, the advertising campaigns I manage receive a 500% ROI or ROAS. This means for every dollar my clients spend on ads, they receive back $5 in revenue. But the way we get such great returns is to have a properly optimized sales funnel. Even though you may have a website, it is best practice to create specific landing pages for each campaign you run. The landing pages should have specific messaging to your avatar to convert the most sales. A sales funnel is a multi-step landing page. Conversion tracking should be installed on every page so you can track your funnel at every step. For most of my clients, I use Unbounce to create fast-loading landing pages that can be easily integrated with conversion tracking and other tools. Once your campaign has a properly built landing page I would recommend utilizing SEM, Social, and Programmatic advertising channels to drive traffic to your landing page.

Create Your High Converting Sales Funnel On Unbounce

Data Reporting

Understand The Performace Of Your Marketing Campaigns & Optimize

Whether you are a business owner or a marketer, you need a data reporting dashboard to visualize all your performance. Sometimes looking at a wall of numbers can be confusing and not provide you with a lot of direction. Using a free data reporting studio like Google’s, you can create a dashboard that helps you monitor performance easily. When I am trying to find where a campaign is not performing well I look at the graphs and charts. Usually, you can start to see a pattern and establish a course of action to improve your marketing performance. Obviously, marketing works but it does not work immediately. You need to have time to improve performance by reading the data. Google Data Studios is the best way to do that. Now GDS offers free data integrations for other Google products. For example, your data from Google Ads or Google Analytics, can be transferred into Google Data Studios for free. But if you wanted to integrate Microsoft or Facebook ads you will need to pay for a connector. I use Reporting Ninja and I love it. Reporting Ninja does exactly what you need it to do for a very reasonable price. We currently use the $40 per month and that helps us manage 25 clients at the same time. My agency has used bigger data tools like Supermetrics or TapClicks and for the price and functionality, Reporting Ninja beats them all.

Create Impressive Dashboards For Your Data (For Free!) With GDS
Create A Data Integration For Each Of Your Marketing Tools With Reporting Ninja

Email Marketing

Follow Up & Utilize Your Customer List To Maximize ROI

After you get the conversion or sale, the relationship should not stop there. The highest converting audience for any business, (maybe except for Real Estate), are past customers. If someone tries out your products or services and are happy with them, why would they not purchase from you again? As any business grows, their products become better or there are new sales and events. These are all great things to promote through your company email blasts. I know you may be thinking “But I don’t want to spam my customers”. I agree you should not send a ridiculous amount of emails but if you are sending an email with real value, your audience won’t mind. When you write a blog for content you can send out an email to drive traffic, the email blast will provide the benefit of education to your readers on a chosen topic. Keep recycling your traffic to grow bigger brand recognition and loyalty. With a powerful tool like ActiveCampaign you can utilize email marketing to its fullest. ActiveCampaign allows you to schedule your emails to send based on the individual on your list. If they tend to look at their emails at night, your email will send to them at night. You can create landing pages just for your email campaigns and even utilize text message marketing. Also, sometimes with service-based businesses, utilizing a landing page for lead generation then follow up with email is a great way to convert new clients.

Grow Brand Loyalty Through Email & SMS Campaigns With ActiveCampaign