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I'm a digital marketing expert based out of St. Petersburg, FL.

My name Brenden Delarua and I am a digital marketing expert based out of St. Petersburg, FL. My marketing career started in college. After graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Marketing, I started freelance work with local businesses. My reputation grew as The Marketer around town. With the growth of my marketing experience, I now manage digital media campaigns that average over $100,000 per month in ad-spend.
PPC, Social, and Programmatic advertising campaigns are my bread and butter. I want to share my marketing knowledge and experience with you to improve your business. Read any article to learn about marketing or reach out to me personally to get your specific questions answered. If you want to work with The Marketer, submit a request form to the Big Sea agency.
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Check out our marketing knowledge base. If you don't find the topic you are looking for, send a contact form requesting that topic be addressed.

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