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I create marketing strategies that sell your products & services.

My name is Brenden Delarua and I am a marketer based out of the Tampa Bay area. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Marketing from the University of South Florida and I have years of experience improving and evolving local business' marketing. I have read all the literature on business models and marketing and I continue to learn about new methods and strategies for business growth.
I am an expert in the field of marketing and I want to share my knowledge with you to improve your business. I really enjoy my work and my clients can tell I have a true passion for marketing. Crafting elaborate marketing plans that really work brings me great satisfaction and I strive to do this for all my clients. Let me bring you customers, so you concentrate on keeping them happy!
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My process

I design, build and support marketing plans that are optimized to reach your business goals and ultimately set a strong foundation for your success.
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    Marketing Research

    The first step in my process is always marketing research. We need facts and data to set the basis for the rest of the strategy we build. I need to analyze your industry and competitors. Marketing research can even give me analytical patterns to follow to provide your target audience with the products or services they are searching for and lead them straight to you.

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    Branding & Content

    My next step is to revitalize your branding and content to spark that excitement again to remind your customers that you are still here and better than ever. Ensuring your brand identity is recognizable allows trust to build between your business and new customers, eventually outshining all your competitors. Even the most modern branding can become outdated if left alone I'll make sure your company stays brand new.

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    Lead Generation

    The most important step after I have gathered all the data I need on your industry and I have rejuvenated your branding and content (if needed), I will create a lead generation funnel or sales funnel. This will be a passive way of growing your clientele that is constantly giving you more leads or even sales. It is sort of like an engine automating opportunities to grow your business while you focus on your craft and the reason you started in the first place.

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    Advertising should always be the last step in a marketing plan if used at all. A novice marketer would suggest advertising as the first route a company should take, but an expert marketer would have a sales funnel in place with a high conversion rate, based around the data gathered in the marketing research phase, before advertising. Advertising should be strategically layered and used to drive traffic through an already established funnel.

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