The Interworking of An Effective Sales Funnel

Marketing Funnels

The beginning of my marketing process with every client is figuring out what their “Funnel” is. This does not mean making a digital sales funnel with ClickFunnels and Facebook pixels


A funnel is essentially a buyer’s journey for your customers. Online or offline. 


In the digital age, it makes sense for most funnels to have an online component. 


Have you outlined your funnel for your customers? Most likely you haven’t because most businesses have not. 


Let me dive in deeper to explain the parts of a sales funnel and ways you can build trust with your customers and move them through it to get more conversions or sales!


Long story short: A funnel breaks down into 5 parts: Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Conversation, and Retention.

1. Awareness

Think of the biggest companies in the world; Walmart, Exxon, Amazon, Target. 

These are companies that spend millions on marketing every single month. 

These are also the businesses we all trust the most. 

It is safe to say we are all aware of these businesses and what each one sells. 

That means we are all past the 1st stage in their sales funnel: Awareness. 


2. Interest

Who am I kidding? We all became aware before we were old enough to shop. 

But interest was building. T.V. had commercials for each of these companies displaying promotions and their products. 

Some products resonated with us more than others. 

“I want that”. We have all said this about something we have seen. 

This is when we are aware of these companies and what they sell, and now we see things they are selling that we may like. 

This is an example of us going through the interest stage of their sales funnel. 


Let me stop this train of explaining how the big companies do it and lets give some tips on how you can do this for your company. 


How do most of your customers find you? 

Hunker down and try to exacerbate that method to drive more traffic through your awareness phase. 

Give out 5 business cards every single day to new people, purchase advertisements or billboards, give out stickers to your existing customers. 

SPREAD THE WORD about your business any way you can. 

I will write a future blog on ways to spread the word about your business and spread awareness. 


Once people know about you and what you do, you should start hitting their pain points and explaining how your products fix their problems. 

How do you do this? 

The simplest marketing tool is advertising for this phase but there are other ways; email marketing, social media marketing, or direct mail. 


At this point, your customers are aware of your business and are interested in what you sell.


3. Consideration

Moving on with the funnel, we reach the consideration phase. 

This is where consumers are starting to find out why they need a product like yours to fix their problems and they have to decide if they want to buy that product from you or a competitor. 


This is an easy phase if you did the awareness and interest phase right. 

By this point, the customer trusts you and your company. 


4. Conversion

The conversion phase is when that customer finally buys your product. 

This can be done by moving a customer through the funnel then posting a limited time offer where they need to act fast to get the best deal. And the offer is extremely enticing to your target audience. (Make an offer that scares you)


Congratulations, you have properly converted a stranger into a paying customer!!!


But wait! There’s more. 

5. Retention

The last phase of a sales funnel is the retention phase. 

Just because a person bought your product doesn’t mean they won’t buy it again. 

Actually repeat business is usually what makes a successful company. 

This can be done through re-targeting, email newsletters, social media posts, event sponsorship, and more. 


But the biggest tactic to get repeat business is to make sure you deliver a superior product that meets your customer’s needs and fixes their problems. 


Constantly working on your sales funnel and improving each stage, especially the retention phase, will help grow your business bigger than you ever hoped. 

If you need help with this and want to talk to me, The Marketer, please give me a call or text! (727) 344-9862.


Thanks for reading!

-The Marketer