How To Utilize TikTok To Improve SEO & Conversions (Case Study)

TikTok For SEO Marketing

TikTok Overview

TikTok is the new social media app that is taking over the internet. At first, as a marketer, I thought the app would flop just like Vine or Musically. However, also as a marketer I admire that app so much. It makes finding, engaging, parodying, and creating content so easy. It is also one of the only social media apps that have an algorithm that shows new content to a large number of people instead of only followers. Basically, it is very easy to grow a TikTok following if you post content your audience wants to see. Do you think your business should create a TikTok? Here is the million-dollar question: Are your customers on TikTok?


Know Your Audience

The basics of marketing is to know your audience. Some of the past marketing strategies I have implemented for past clients are creating Facebook communities or entire websites that curate a community of their ideal target audience. For example, for a travel agent in Tampa, we created a Facebook group of Tampa Bay Travel Lovers and encouraged members to post about where they have been or where they want to go. My client was swimming in potential customers. Also, a big fact to remember is that people only buy from who they trust, so creating a community position your company as a trusted category leader to your audience. 


TikTok is full of kids from the ages of 14-24. If this is the audience for your business then I would recommend trying out TikTok to reach this audience. 


Create TikTok Content With Purpose

I want to use a real-world example I created myself that gave a client’s site a huge boost in organic traffic and even 8 sales just from 1 TikTok video. My agency was hired to create a website for Scholarship Miners. A business that helps apply to scholarships for students, which increases their chances to secure scholarships for school. This is a perfect business to share on TikTok.


The Case Study

The purpose of this content was to hit a popular pain point of the majority of TikTok users (promoting engagement). It was a simple ad if you will, I have an attention grabber at the beginning “If you’re in college listen up”. This grabs our audience’s attention then presents a new business that solves a pain point they have: student debt. They are thinking “well okay but how much does this cost me?”. Scholarship Miners is completely free to sign-up, so there is no barrier to entry. This is why this TikTok performed so well. 


I made a video explaining what the service is. You can see the video below. 

Use Proper Hashtags

The video I posted has over 17,000 views. From this, we received about 250 organic visitors within 3 days. From those visitors, we got 8 sign-ups. Keep in mind, this is all for free. The video started gaining momentum from the hashtags I used. With TikTok, like most social media, you do not want to use hashtags that are too big. You want medium-sized hashtags that are related to the content in the video. Also, the biggest hashtag on TikTok is “#fyp” meaning “For You Page” which is TikTok’s discovery page. However, that hashtag is proven to no longer work. I used a similar hashtag “#fypage” which has fewer posts but still a decent amount. I also used school and education-related hashtags which got the video in front of the right audience. 


Engage With All The Comments

Similar to every other social platform, engagement is key. When someone comments on your video, make sure to comment back. That counts as 2 comments. The way TikTok works is when you post, TikTok will show your video to about 10-50 people. If one of them hits the like button, it will show the post to 10-50 more people. The same with comments. The more engagement your video gets, TikTok thinks “wow people like this video, I’ll show it to more people”. This is why it is important to encourage engagement and to respond to every comment. 


Here is a screenshot where I ask for a certain amount of likes to give the audience what they are really wanting: Grad School Scholarships. 


Track Results

Before posting a viral TikTok, make sure your website is properly set up for data tracking. Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and your Facebook Pixel should be properly installed. From this TikTok video alone we gained over 250 organic searches and clicks on our website. This shows Google that people are intentionally searching for the Scholarship Miners website. In the next few weeks, we expect to see a jump in SEO rankings. We also have a Facebook pixel properly installed which gives us better insight into who our audience is and which types of people are actually signing up. We can start advertising to people who are most likely to convert. Now Scholarship Miners does not have their own TikTok account, I only spoke about it on mine. If they did their own account they could expect results like this every month. Your business can too. 

TikTok For SEO
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