Increase Your Conversion Rates 3x With A Landing Page Builder (& Unbounce Discount Code)

Unbounce Landing Page Builder

Unbounce & Landing Page Builders


If you have read any of my blogs before, you know my stance on landing pages. 


Landing pages should be made individually for each digital advertising campaign you launch. 


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If you are routing traffic to your general contact page, you are leaving a lot of money and conversions on the table. 


Also, if you only are using 1 landing page you are leaving money on the table. 


The Basics Of Digital Advertising 


Allow me to paint a picture for you.


You strategize with your team about a new marketing campaign and you agree on a concept.


Your designers create the assets and your copywriters make the offer compelling. 


Now your paid media strategist places the ads and launches the campaign.


Your client really only cares about performance.


Business is all about making money and staying profitable. 


The optimization process of your digital ad campaign is very simple:


  • Let the campaign run for 1-2 weeks to collect enough data
  • Observe which audience is performing the best
  • Determine which ad is performing the best
  • See which landing page is performing the best
  • Split winning audience, ads, and landing pages into variants
  • Deactivate the worst performing audience, ad, and landing page
  • Rinse and repeat 


Easy right? 


Month after month, you should have a better optimized campaign.


A year from the launch, your conversion rates should be much higher than when you first launched. 


3 Reasons To Use A Landing Page Builder 


Your Website Sucks


A lot of local businesses or novice marketers will direct ad clicks to the contact page of their website.


If any of your campaigns are doing this, fear not. 


This means you have an opportunity for improvement and your client’s will thank you.


When I say “your website sucks” I don’t mean it. 


What I mean is that your website is not meant to be a landing page. 


One of the best things a landing page builder does is load an extremely fast page.


Have you ever looked at the discrepancy between link clicks and landing page views? 


This is usually caused by slow loading time. 


Seriously, check out your website’s speed score here: Page Speed Insights


Using a landing page builder can immediately improve your bounce rate and landing page views.


If you improve your site speed by 1 second your bounce rate will typically decrease by 4% on average.


This means more users land on your page, which means more opportunities for conversions.


Landing Page builders like Unbounce make the fastest loading landing pages for your marketing campaigns. 


The More Specific You Are, The More Conversions You Get


We all know as marketers that the more tailored our messaging is, the better.


When our marketing efforts resonate with our audience, we tend to see the highest conversion rates. 


If you direct all your paid traffic to a single and general contact form page, you are losing that relatability. 


Utilizing a landing page builder allows you to create landing pages for each specific audience.


For example, at Cordelia Labs, we will create 4 landing pages to start off with if our target audience is broad. 


One for young men, old men, young women, and old women. 


Different demographics have different pain points and they should be outlined properly. 


We tailor each landing page to hit the pain points of each demographic.


Then we begin our optimizations from there. 


Also, keep in mind, the call-to-action on your ad should match the call to action on your landing page. 


You can test out many call-to-actions to see which one converts the best.


That little trick really improves your conversion rates. 


You also want to look at your ads as the conversation starter, then your landing page continues the conversation.


This keeps your visitor captivated with your messaging and they should feel truly understood. 


Easy To Optimize


If you use a landing page builder you will automatically have a fast loading landing page. 


Then you can create hyper targeted landing pages to help persuade your audience to convert. 


The best feature of landing page builders is their ability to test different variants against each other.


Unbounce uses a Smart Traffic tool which utilizes A.I. to determine which page is most likely to get the conversion. 


Most marketers will test and create variants of their ads and audiences within the advertising dashboards.


Great marketers take it a step further and test different variations of their landing pages. 


Month over month, optimizing all aspects of your marketing campaign can lead to higher conversion rates. 


With a landing page builder you can easily create page variants to test:

  • Background colors
  • Call to actions
  • Headlines
  • Body text 
  • Stock Photos
  • Pop Ups


Allow 1-2 weeks of traffic to then decide the winning or champion variant. 


Take that variant and create duplicates with gradual changes applied. 


Month over month you should have higher and higher conversion rates on your landing pages. 


I can’t stress enough how powerful landing pages are to your marketing campaign.


If you are a new marketer looking for clients, I would recommend looking for local businesses who are advertising to their contact page. 


Reach out to them about the importance of landing pages.


Perhaps they will allow you a chance to take over their advertising, since their current ad agency did not recommend a separate landing page.




Throughout my career, I have tried out several landing page builders but none as powerful as Unbounce.


I honestly would not be promoting a service that I did not whole-heartedly use myself. 


This platform has a lot of great starter templates, smart builders, and even smart (or snazzy) A.I. copywriting. 


As a marketer, it is important to have full control over all aspects of your digital marketing campaigns and Unbounce really helps with that. 


They also have a great support team if anything goes wrong. 


And the platform can integrate with pretty much any CRM your client has. 


If you think a landing page builder would be valuable to your marketing campaigns.


Maybe you just want to test it out against your website. 


I can’t recommend Unbounce enough. 


Utilize my affiliate link for 20% off your first 3 months or 20% your first year if you pay annually. 


Literally, any digital marketing campaign you are running can see an improvement just by using Unbounce


The Marketer


If you are becoming overwhelmed with your digital advertising campaigns, it is always good to seek additional guidance.


Feel free to reach out to the Cordelia Labs team and get a second pair of eyes on your ad campaigns. 


If we look over your campaign and see that you are not using a landing page builder, you can be sure that would be one of our immediate recommendations. 


If you want to check out the other marketing tools and platforms I recommend, check out my marketing resources page.