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Scholarship Miners

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Branding & Logo Design, Whiteboard Video Creation, Website Development, Affiliate Functionality, Advertising & Promotion

Basic info

When the founder of Scholarship Miners approached me all he had was a concept. I was tasked with how to create this entire platform to meet the requirements. Here is the concept: Student and Parents sign up and submit 5-10 scholarship essays, on the backend we will start applying to scholarships on the student's behalf, once a scholarship is secured we will then charge the parent a percentage of the scholarship's value. Okay, so where do I start. First, we need branding for the company that is consistent on all platforms. I did some research and I found that the color yellow is the best color to represent education and betterment. That is why all the branding has a consistent yellow pattern. Next, I created a highly responsive website that could show interested visitors our mission and how the process works. To help promote the mission of the company, we even created a great whiteboard video that is displayed below (check it out, you won't be disappointed.) Lastly, I had to create an automated system for collecting information and properly storing it in an encrypted database so we can start properly applying to scholarships on the student's behalf with accurate information.
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Scholarship Miners
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Knowing Our Audience

Market analysis is essential when you start a business. Who is your target audience and how should you reach them properly? This should be done at the beginning so we can base all of our decisions on our target audience. For Scholarship Miners our target audience is parents between 38-52 who have children between the ages of 14-19. The younger the child the better chances we have of securing scholarships before they go to college.
1. Branding & Video Production

Every company needs a great brand. The first step we took for creating Scholarship Miners is branding. With research, we found using yellow in the companies branding would appeal to education and betterment. This is why the entire website is yellow. So far we think we made a great choice. I originally created a logo of an owl because they represent wisdom but due to a conflict with a competitor, we changed the logo to a more university feel. Once our colors were chosen we started drafting the script for the whiteboard video. I sent the script to a voice actor partner of mine, she sent the finished audio back and I began creating the visuals. This process was new to me and a lot of fun to complete the explainer video used to explain the new concept.

2. Website Development

The next step was to create a platform where students can sign up and submit their essays. We ran into a few revisions to help ease the process more for the students and promote more signups. First we had 5 full essays being required in the first submission, this became a huge gate. Imagine if a new person found our explainer video and wanted to sign up right away, they could not unless they had 5 completed essays written under the specific prompts we were asking. To combat this, we took off the essays and created an account functionality. Where the student signs up, then can upload their essays to their accounts as they go along. This has helped increase the sign-ups but now we have students signed up who have not submitted essays, preventing the employees from applying to scholarships for them. Currently, the site works as intended and is currently being optimized for SEO. I was also tasked with creating an affiliate program for the website. If you scroll to the bottom you can see where to apply as an affiliate. This was a first for me but I think it turned out great and we currently have 11 affiliates actively trying to promote Scholarship Miners for a commission.

3. Advertising & Social Media

Now we have a high-quality branding, explainer video, and proper functioning website, we now move into an advertising campaign to promote the idea. We first tested the waters with an engagement campaign. This is a type of campaign with a lower budget mainly to expose more people to the company and start getting feedback on the idea. The engagement campaign worked great and we received a lot of views, shares, and new followers. We also worked together on a social media campaign to spread the word more. We reach a lot of accounts and interacted with people to discuss the concept for the business. Needless to say, a lot of people have been exposed to Scholarship Miners at this point and are in the awareness phase of our funnel. Moving forward our idea is to stop promotion and start getting social proof with the students who signed up. Once we can show how our process works and the exact benefit, we will start promoting those results more.

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