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Johnny Palermo, the president of Palermo Business Solutions reached out to me for a full start-up package. These types of projects are my bread and butter. Johnny and I worked together to create this entire brand. Before any work began we wanted to study the business consulting industry and gather some in-depth market research to ensure every decision we made for the brand was backed up by facts. After the market research was complete we were ready to move forward with branding. A full photoshoot, logo designs, business card designs, and brand fonts and colors picked out for brand consistency. After the branding was set in stone we moved forward with creating the website. The entire Palermo Business Solutions brand has a cohesive theme that follows in everything they do. This will help in building trust and brand awareness for the company. Palermo Business Solutions is launched and ready to start taking on clients! Check out their website made by The Marketer here:

Palermo Business Solutions
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Backing Up Our Decisions With Research

Market research is a must for any company. In my opinion, a business should invest in market research yearly to keep up with consumer trends. The Palermo Business Solutions brand was all made with our market research supporting our decisions.
1. Market Research

The market research phase was an intensive 2-week process. We accessed numerous studies on business coaches and consultants to analyze what has been working for our competitors. We found a lot of similarities, like how all of their logos are some shade of blue. After digging deeper into the psychology of logo colors we found blue is probably the best color to use for a consultancy (Interesting right?). We made the decision to add shiny gold to the blue logo to allow P.B.S. to stand out amongst competitors. The market research also told us which customer segments to target and the main demographic information of each. This will allow our future marketing efforts to be budget optimized because of how defined our audience is. The market research gave us a lot of information to use to back-up our decisions and will be able to continue to do so for the next 12 months. I would suggest the market research gets revised every 12-24 months or else you are using out-dated information.

2. Branding & Design

The next step after we had proper information to verify our ideas off of, was to put those ideas in motion. We knew blue was the best color to use because the market research told us so (blue is symbolic of the ocean and calmness, and also the best color of trust, this is perfect for a consultant). I worked with Johnny to find the symbols he is fond of and how we can incorporate this into a logo. With a lot of my clients, I like to give them a primary and secondary logo so they can use them interchangeably. The primary logo is called ``The Shield`` and represents a shield (duh) which symbolizes loyalty, security, and reliability. There are also two hidden images within that logo as well. A metropolis and a bar-chart. We wanted to incorporate images that represented the businesses Palermo was going to consult for and also the growth of those businesses represented by a bar-chart. Digging deeper with Johnny, he explained his consulting method to me which involved a pyramid. The pyramid was the inspiration for the secondary logo. When you hire Johnny the first thing he does is ensure the proper foundation is in place within your organization before he moves forward (like the base of a pyramid). With all the new additions to the brand we needed new photos to top it all off. We outsourced to the fantastic Chaveli Photography Company in Tampa Florida for the great headshots of Johnny. These high definition photos made perfect additions to the website and social media profiles. We had everything we needed to start developing the website.

3. Website Development

After we had a solid branding backed by our in-depth market research we moved forward with creating the website. We needed to make sure the website was the very best performing website with exceptional graphics. The top consulting agencies in the world (which we researched) all have amazing websites. When a new customer is trying to find which consultancy is best, their first stop is always websites. The most professional website wins. We created the website using the same branding elements from phase 2 and displayed Johnny's pictures to start establishing a face to the brand. Pretty similar to what I do on this website with all my silly pictures. The most human company will win so establishing who is behind a brand makes potential prospects feel more comfortable with the company. Now that the website is finished and launched, Palermo Business Solutions is ready to take on new clients, putting their best foot forward.

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