Why Marketing is Essential for Business Growth and Where to Start

Why Marketing Is Essential

If you are a new business owner or aspiring Entrepreneur, then your planning might be more focused on sales and operations. But don’t overlook the marketing – it is the essential step that leads to those sales you are envisioning. Marketing is essential for business growth and the article below will go in-depth on how to properly utilize it.

Before there was online shopping, business owners could be a bit laxer about marketing. When brick and mortar storefronts were the only option, natural footfall could be lent on to some degree. Unless of course, you had competitors in your immediate area.

Today, with more choices than ever for consumers, we need marketing to make our business stand out above the others. We need to beat our competition in order to thrive.

When the competition is tough, marketing is the secret sauce. It’s about how we present our brand and our offers to the public that directs those sales to us, over a competing business.

Here are a few key elements of marketing to get started with.


Develop a trustworthy brand

Marketing and branding go hand in hand, and there is a wealth of psychological theory behind both. When it comes to developing a trustworthy brand, consider the following things:


Of course, how you behave with your clients is a big piece of the puzzle. Good communication is key. Many people think that delivering good customer service is about responding to questions and complaints when they occur. But you should also consider where you could prevent these queries before they happen.

For example, if you set your customer’s expectations by sending confirmation emails and delivery updates, you can save them from needing to contact you at all.

With that said, do still have your contact information clearly available. Research shows that being transparent with your phone number and email address boosts customers’ trust in you.


Reviews and ratings

Another key thing to consider is your online testimonials. If you own a new business, it will help you later if you focus on requesting online reviews now. Google reviews, Facebook page ratings, and sites like Trustpilot are all immensely helpful to making your brand more trustworthy.

The last thing I want to share about your brand is something that ties in with consumer psychology. The aesthetic of your brand can deeply affect how consumers feel about your business.


Looks count too

Colour and design are all deeply researched areas – but we will keep things simple here. The basic things to know are that the simpler the shape and design of your logo, and your website layout in general, the better it feels to people.

In terms of color, there are trends for many industries. Financial services often use green, as it gives a sense of growth and trustworthiness. Blue is a very heavily used color in marketing, as it’s understood to inspire trust and confidence.  

Check out The Marketer’s Done For You (DFY) Single Logos. A simple, flat rate professional logo design to start your business’ branding properly. To try out logo designs for free, check out logocreator.io.


Grow an email list

When it comes to business growth, capturing leads for your email marketing is a crucial step.

Email marketing is the most cost-effective strategy, with really quite little investment needed at all. No matter what industry you are in, this is something you need to get started on if you haven’t already. In order to grow that list, you simply need to set up an ‘opt-in page’ with something to incentivize people to sign up. 

If you run an e-commerce store, then offering a discount code to people who register is a popular option. Discounts also work for service-based businesses. Or you may prefer to offer a video lesson, or perhaps a free ebook.

Once you start growing your list and sending out a regular marketing email, you will start seeing growth too.


Know your customer

This final point is about knowing who your typical customer is – or in marketing terms, ‘defining your customer avatar’.

When you have a picture of who typically buys from you, then you can market to them more effectively. For example, if you know where they struggle in life or what keeps them awake at night, then you can write marketing copy that answers their problems.

A great way to find this information and base it on real data is utilizing market research. Try out The Marketer’s Done For You (DFY) Marketing Research. This will give you 200 survey answers for up to 10 questions. This simple process allows you to ask your ideal customers important questions “Why do you buy products like mine?” “Why would you not buy my product” “Why would you choose a competitor?” These questions can help you understand the exact pain-points of your ideal customer and help you create the most effective marketing plan possible. 

This works in any form of marketing, from email to social media, paid advertising, or video. The medium doesn’t matter. What matters to customers is that you have what they need.


Find your avatar

To find your own customer avatar, simply look at everybody who has paid for your products or services so far. Your avatar is the median. So if 20% of your customers are women, and 80% are men, then your avatar is a man. And if the majority of those customers are also over 40 years old, then your avatar is now a man over the age of 40.

Don’t worry about the outliers, the few women under 30 who buy from you. When you write your marketing copy, you are appealing to the needs of men over 40.

When you pitch your marketing copy for the right audience, growth naturally follows.

In an increasingly competitive world, and now with a recession too, good marketing is your best bet.

When you know your customer, gain their trust and keep it, you will have repeat custom from them. Pair that repeat custom with new growth from your ever-expanding email list, and you are building a sustainable business. This is why marketing is essential for business growth. Each month that passes your business will become more known and successful. 

Now you know where to begin, you can get to work on growing your business straight away. This is why marketing is essential for business growth and we hope you are ready to implement these tactics.

If you need extra help, you can get a custom marketing plan made by The Marketer himself here: https://themarketer.co/product/marketing-plans/


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