What are good marketing strategies for a small business?

Marketing strategies for a small business is the most common issue. “We need more customers” is the problem marketing solves. So how do you create a marketing strategy that works properly?


As a professional marketer for small businesses I would recommend first segmenting your target audiences. 


This means that instead of trying to target everyone you need to break down your audience into 2-3 groups.


For example, if you had a chocolate company (because I am craving chocolate right now), you could potentially have 3 audiences.


1. General adult consumers of chocolate

2. Children who crave chocolate

3. Business owners of breweries, hotels, grocery stores, and restaurants.


You would then think of a marketing strategy for each individual customer segment. 


This helps really refine your efforts and bring you better results because the campaign is tailored. 


Let’s say for the business owner customer segment to try to become a supplier of chocolate, maybe a personalized letter in a box of chocolates sent directly to the business owner (either office or home) would help get your foot in the door with a meeting. Direct mail campaigns are great for 1-2-1 type meetings. If your chocolate is any good, most likely they will call you back. 


For the general adult consumer segment, I would recommend social media engagement. Create posts, maybe include ASMR in your post of chocolate or just a satisfying video of the chocolate mixing (your process). 


For the children segment, I would recommend advertising on children targeted youtube channels. This may be a little more expensive than the other two customer segments. But with direct mail, social media, and advertising you should start to grow a very successful chocolate company. 


Now I know everyone who reads this will not own a chocolate company. But this process works for every business. 


Define your segments, find the best way to reach each one for the lowest cost to your business, and stick to it for at least 3-6 months. If no results are received in that time period you can move on. But I have found a lot of business owners are quick to stop marketing efforts after 1-2 weeks of no results.


Things take time and overtime with every new customer you will have a large base of returning customers who are actively spreading the word daily. 


If you still need help with your marketing, reach out, that’s what I’m here for.


-The Marketer

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