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Saint Petersburg marketing evolves and changes every single week it seems.

Being one of the fastest-growing cities, new competition moves in each month and outdated businesses sadly start to pack up and leave.

Staying current with your marketing and branding is key to ensuring your business does not get swept under the rug.

From the owner of a Saint Petersburg marketing agency, marketing your local business is getting more complex but here are a few helpful tips on what you can do to stay relevant in an everchanging city.


I have always thought about business in 2 parts:

1. Make a good product

2. Bring people to that product

So what happens when there is an increase in competition and you can’t seem to bring people to that product anymore?

You adapt.

Each year new marketing tools are released and the early adopters of these new tools are the ones who stay ahead.

My St. Pete marketing agency, The Marketer, has access to some marketing tools that no other marketing agency in Florida has.

When speaking with new clients, this one piece of technology sets my agency apart from my competitors.

I am sure within 2 years that technology will be more widely available and in 2 years I will be searching for the next new innovation.

When it comes to marketing your own St. Pete based business, here are my biggest tips broken down to Digitial and Traditional.




Use SpyFu to see what keywords your competitors are ranking for.

Then write a few blog articles with that keyword as your focus.

This will help you rank with or above your local competitors when it comes to search results.


Social Media:

Follow all your competitors on social media and observe their content.

What are they posting, how often are they posting, and how much engagement do they receive.

Some local companies do this well.

Eventually, you will be able to use this information to come up with the strongest social media strategy in the area.

Here is an article I wrote that goes more in-depth: Why Your Social Media Marketing Isn’t Working.


Digital Advertising:

Are your competitors advertising?

Are you advertising?

Advertising is a powerful tool because you are getting in front of your exact audience and offering something you know they want.

If you had a strong advertising campaign you will be able to bring in a lot more new customers and if they leave happy you will have new referral partners sending you more customers each month.



Free Wifi:

Have you been to a local coffee shop and they offer free wi-fi?

Most places offer free wifi for their customers but did you know there’s a great tool that can capture the information of each guest that logs onto your wifi?

It’s called WIFI Marketing and it will allow you to grow a client list.

This will help you with any advertising, email, or other marketing efforts.

Print Ad & Mail:

Let’s face it print advertisements and direct mailers only serve one purpose: brand awareness.

It is important to stay connected with your community.

As a matter of fact, here is a blog article I wrote on How To Market Your Local Business.

Send out direct mail to every house in the same zip code of your business with a coupon or discount that is attached to the mailer.

They will have to bring in the mailer to receive the discount.

This will show you how effective the mail campaign was, bring in new customers, and become a stronger brand in your community.

Sponsoring Local Events:

Where are your customers going to be outside of your store?

Are there high school games you can sponsor or large events downtown St. Pete that you can have a banner up for the day?

The more brand recognition you have will get past customers thinking of your store and also new customers curious about what your store sells. St. Pete is a great place to sponsor local events. Before covid, it seemed there were events weekly. St Pete marketing has a lot of advantages and disadvantages but being creative is what marketing is all about. 


Overtime is you utilize the different digital and traditional tactics in your business, you will see a gradual increase in sales and customer loyalty.

After reading this article it may feel overwhelming but there are some great St Pete marketing agencies out there to help!

If you need help with your St Pete marketing reach out to The Marketer and we can get started!

-The Marketer



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