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St Pete advertising agencies like The Marketer help local businesses reach their exact target audience and sell more products. 

Saint Petersburg, Florida is an innovative and progressive city that is always expanding. 

New businesses and new competition move in monthly and advertising in the area becomes more and more competitive. 

However, there are a lot of different advertising channels and St. Pete is great for advertising your business. 

If you have a strong advertising campaign you can eventually guarantee a certain amount of revenue every month and grow a very successful business. 

This article is about how to properly advertise your business.


Google PPC: 

Google offers search ads which basically hack your SEO and bring you to the top result of Google. 

However SEO is still important, please see this article I wrote comparing the two: SEO or Advertising.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your Google Ads:

  1. Always split test only 2 ads at a time. Once an ad outperforms another, take the losing ad out of the campaign and add a new one. This should be a continuous process and eventually, your ad will have the highest Click-Through Rate possible. 
  2. Utilize Google’s Smart Campaigns. I have done many tests with Google Ads and their Smart Ads always come out on top. I have achieved CTRs north of 6.00 with Smart Ads. The computer learning of the Google platform will be smarter than any marketing strategy or copy you can think of. 
  3. Monitor your keywords daily. I once ran a Google campaign for a St. Pete commercial insurance agent and the “home insurance” keywords kept creeping back into the queue. I had to monitor the keywords daily to make sure we are only showing up for commercial insurance-related keywords. Also, a great tool for planning your keywords is Google Keyword Planner.

Using a marketing agency, you can expect to see the highest returns on your ad budget, and you save all the time you’d waste during trial and error. 


Facebook Ads:

Facebook is a very strong advertising platform but it is an “interest” based platform. 

If you have a service-based business, stick to Google, unless you utilize the retargeting features of Facebook. 

Here are some tips to get the most out of your Facebook Ads:

  1. Retargeting. Install a tracking pixel to your site and watch the conversions come easier and easier. Stay in front of visitors from your site who did not fill out your contact form or purchase an item. 
  2. Utilize custom audiences. Do you have a list of 100+ past customer emails? You can use this list to create an advertising audience. When someone has already bought from your business they are more likely to buy again. 
  3. Use custom audiences to make Look-A-Like audiences to reach people who are eerily similar to the people who have already bought from you before. You will see the more refined your audience is the better your ads perform and the higher ROI you receive. /

For a service-based business, I love to send traffic from Google then retarget those people on Facebook. 

It works well and brings the greatest returns. 



Billboards are great for building brand awareness. 

Now in 2021, we have geo-fencing technology to target the people who are within 5 miles of the billboard. 

Your business will appear to be “everywhere” to your customers. 

Use billboards to build trust and awareness, you will find your targeted ads will perform much better when your audience is getting aware of who you are and what you do. 


Direct Mail:

Direct mail is a great way to engage with your community. 

If your business is located in downtown St. Pete, your St Pete advertising could target the 33701 zip code and send mail to all the homes in that area. 

Make the mailer double purposed as a coupon that the person will have to bring into the shop to use. 

If more pizza places sent direct mail for a “free 1 large pizza” more people would order from that pizza shop. 

If those customers like that pizza they will keep ordering and the investment will be recouped. 


Business Cards:

While we are on the topic of double purposing direct mail, what if your business cards did the same. 

I read a book once that said to start a business, make it a point to give out 5 business cards every single day. 

If those business cards doubled as a “25% off your first visit”, you may see a big return on just passing out 5 business cards per day, which you should be doing anyway. 


Handwritten Letters:

Handwritten letters are very overlooked, especially in the digital age, but they are now very sentimental and respected.

This form of advertising is very direct and should only be sent to your top prospects but more than likely they will get a response or at least establish a business connection that could help move your business forward.

I suggest the book How To Get A Meeting With Anyone for more direct tips.

If you want to hire an expert to handle your St Pete advertising for you, feel free to drop us a line here.


Talk Soon,

-The Marketer

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