SEO Or Advertising? Which Is Better?

SEO Or Advertising?


SEO or Advertising, which is better? Search Engine Optimization and Advertising are both digital marketing tools to increase exposure for your business or more specifically, your website. 


Lately, I have been speaking to a lot of clients about SEO for their website and their goal from SEO is to get more traffic and eventually more money. 


When I discuss goals with my clients I realize there may be some misunderstanding with what they really need. 


Then a new topic comes up of SEO or Advertising. Both are equally important but offer two different outcomes.


I wanted to break down the key differences between Search Engine Optimization and Digital Advertising so you can decide for yourself which one is best for your marketing, SEO or Advertising. 


Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is how high you rank for a specific keyword or related search in a search engine. Basically, if you own a coffee shop, and if someone in your area searched “coffee shop” you would hope your business’ website comes up. 


More specifically you would hope your website comes up first. People rarely look past the first 3 results in Google. If you rank on page 2 (which some SEO agencies will say is good), you basically don’t rank at all. 


If you rank for the first spot in a google search for your main targetted keyword, you can count on a lot of organic traffic every month that will funnel into real paying customers. 


Woohoo! You did it, “Great success” – Borat. 


Free traffic every single month! Your business is going to boom! Right? Yes, absolutely. 


Except it is not exactly free. Getting to the first page of Google is hard, and there’s a lot of different aspects google takes into account when ranking websites. 


Long story short: it is very hard to do. 


This is why SEO companies exist with the service of increasing your rank on Google. It can be very costly but once your website is on the first page of Google you will start seeing the return. Then you can stop paying for the SEO services and start making your investment back. 


A good time-frame to base your expectations on is between 3-12 months to start seeing more organic traffic. It takes time but it will work. 


Digital Advertising: 

Digital Advertising has a very clear purpose, to match your target audience, in the market for what you are selling, with your offer. If you truly sell a good product, advertising will work for you. 


Advertising may be a bit more expensive but you can count on seeing great results within 4-6 weeks. 


As a marketer, we need a few weeks to optimize the campaign, audience, offer, and funnel. Then it becomes as simple as an equation. “Every time we spend $65 we get $180 in revenue”. 


Then we can slowly scale your business by increasing the budget by 10%-20% per month. 


Advertising is a bit more expensive but it gives more immediate results.


If your goal is more immediate sales I would recommend advertising, if your goal is to build a lasting business I would recommend SEO. 


If you have both of those goals I would recommend both SEO and Ads. 


Another question I get a lot during discovery calls is “which is the best form of marketing?”. It is strange how I often I hear that. My answer never changes, it is and always will be “all forms of marketing”. 


Your business should be everywhere your target audience looks. 


Ads, Search Engines, Social Media, Email, and Direct Mail. Then once your target audience is in the market for what you sell, you will gain their business each time. 


People buy from who they trust. Marketing is all about building trust with your audience. 


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-The Marketer


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