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In my four years of university studying Marketing, my professors frequently alluded to sales. Sales are gross. I was in school for marketing and advertising, not gross sales. 


Cold calls, meetings, and rejections. Just not something I think anyone wants to deal with. 


Although as my time as a professional marketer for local businesses in the St. Petersburg, FL, area, I have found that marketing is only half of the new customer acquisition process. 


The other half is your sales process. 


This is different for every business but ultimately the same structure. 


Marketing warms up new people to who you are and what you do. It exposes them to your brand, building brand awareness. 


Check out this article I wrote on Marketing Your Local Business.


People who are interested enough will eventually click on your content, ads, emails, or offers and give you their contact information. 


I am sure a lot of the business owners who will read this know that when getting a lead they are not always super qualified or they never call you back. 


Developing a sales system that is connected to your marketing strategy will yield the highest results from your budget.

Before I move forward, I want to say I think the ability of selling is crucial for anyone anywhere. Regardless if you are in business, you are always selling or persuading people. 


A great book I recommend to learn about selling is GAP Selling by Keenan

Let’s say you are running a lead generation campaign and you are getting about 10 leads per day. What is your plan once you acquire new contact information?


Wait until you have time to email each lead? 


That seems to be what most business owners do. 


When the lead first fills out the contact information, they are at a peak interest level in what you offer. Or else they would not be filling out your form. 


Imagine once the lead presses “submit” you were able to follow up with a general email and a personalized text message within 5 seconds. 

“Wow that was impressive” most of your leads will think. This will help you boost their interest in your company seeing how efficiently it runs. 


A great tool to use to help with automatic email and text responders is Zapier. You can program autoresponders when you acquire a new lead that connects straight to your smartphone. 


While you have their interest at an all-time high, it is a perfect opportunity to ask them what problems they are facing that lead them to your business. 


Start the conversation and guide it to the sale. 


For example, let’s say your business is a restaurant or a hotel. Your marketing could be offering the incentive of a large discount (40% off food or a hotel room). Once someone fills out the lead gen form, you could automatically send them an email with the coupon voucher and at the same time send them a text asking when they would like to make their reservations. 


To make this example even more interesting, what if the coupon you emailed expires in 24 hours unless they make a reservation with the coupon code? 


Seems like you might be turning cold leads into actual foot traffic very quickly. 


To briefly explain where sales come into the marketing process…

Marketing: Builds trust

Offer: Incentive & Urgency 

Sales: Close the deal 

Once you have a full marketing strategy incorporated with your sales process, you will create a strong lead generation engine that keeps your pipeline full. 


What do you think? Tell me your thoughts 


– The Marketer

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