Why You Need A Marketer

What Is A Marketer?

A marketer is a professional who works with various businesses with the goal of connecting that business to their ideal target market. To simplify what a marketer is, the best way to say it is that a marketer sells another business’ products. I started a marketing agency in St. Petersburg Florida to help the local businesses that call this city home. Since starting my agency I have worked with numerous businesses in various industries and I have noticed one common misconception: Marketing is easy.

I can’t stress how often I hear that the general manager/accountant is also the one in charge of marketing. Having 1 person in charge of multiple facets of your business is a great way to stay stagnant. Specializing in different aspects of your business will help bring the best results. You wouldn’t want your lawyer to also be a server at a restaurant. You would want your lawyer to specialize in law. This is a weird concept but I am trying to stress the fact, if you need to market your business properly, you need a dedicated marketer. 

Should I Hire A Marketing Employee Or A Marketing Firm?

Either hiring an employee to handle all the marketing of your business or working with an outside marketing firm, both of these options are going to get you great results and grow your revenue stream. Hiring a firm is usually the cheaper option because a marketing firm will specialize in the services they offer and with multiple clients they would be able to save costs and return those savings to you. Here is an article I wrote on how to hire an internet marketing agency, it may help you decide who your business needs most. 

What Does A Marketer Do?

Having a dedicated marketer for your business will help identify proper marketing channels, ideal customer avatars, and pain points, and high converting offers. That is marketing simplified. Usually, a good marketer will start with research on the company, industry, and competitors of a business. If the business has been around for a while that will help gather more data on past customers and who we should target. Once we find our ideal avatar (ideal customer persona) we can start to evaluate the pain points that your business solves for them. Then we can start to craft a highly specific offer that hits multiple pain points of your ideal customers. After this marketing process is ironed out we start the fun part: implementation. 

Advertising, social media, SEO, direct mail, email, and billboards can all be used to reach your audience and present to them your offer. What will be the most profitable route to expose your business to your potential customers? Where do they spend their time online or what do they do daily? A marketer will find and test different marketing channels to determine the best place to present your offer to your avatars. I have also ran into many business owners saying “We post on social media because we know that’s where everyone is”. That should never be a reason to post on social media. The honest truth is that not all businesses belong on social media and wasting time and money on a platform like that will only hurt the business. 

Should I Be On Social Media?

We tell our clients that social media is usually the cherry on top of your marketing strategy. We should cover all our bases first before beginning a social media campaign. The reason why is that people don’t want to be sold to, especially when they are with their friends. Social media creates a space where people can laugh and enjoy their time. There are teams whose mission is to make the apps as addictive as possible. When a business is posting content that people don’t want to see this starts to give a bad taste to your audience about your company. The best way for businesses to use social media is to show the lifestyle and brand, which can be done very tastefully but it is time-consuming and expensive. 

Usually, the best routes to start with are direct mail for local businesses and SEO. Getting to spot 1 of “coffee shops” is crucial to bringing in new customers daily to your coffee shop. It works that way in every industry and the results are real and consistent. Combine a local direct mail campaign and SEO with online advertising and now you are really seeing an increase in traffic to your site and store. Finally, with the cherry on top, rent a billboard in your city and start engaging with your customers on social media. This would be an amazing marketing strategy for almost any business. You are getting a lot of exposure and you have already done the research to back up your offer. 

How To Start A Marketing Strategy

Any marketing strategy is a lot of work and requires dedication, patience, and know-how. This is why it is so important to hire a professional marketer who can use your budget most effectively. If you tried to do this all yourself you would fail a few times before finding the right combination. A marketer has already done the trial and error and knows what they are doing. Hire a person who lives and breathes marketing to join your team.

If you want to hire The Marketer instead of just any marketer, drop us a line here: Get The Marketer. 

Thanks for reading!

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