How To Properly Market Your Medical Practice

In my hometown of St. Petersburg, FL, I notice new doctors’ offices popping up frequently. It even seems that you cannot travel more than a mile without seeing a doctor’s office for every medical issue and this is the same throughout every state. With all these doctor’s offices popping up every year the question arises of how to properly market your medical practice. This article will give you tips on how to properly market your medical practice.


With the growth of the industry comes more competition which makes it harder to stand out and grow your clientele. So how do you properly market your medical practice?

Let’s face it when it comes to doctors, word of mouth marketing is the best form of marketing, but how do you increase word of mouth marketing if you just opened your medical practice?


  1. Get involved.

If you have to grow your client base from scratch, start networking! Join the local chamber of commerce or a thriving BNI chapter in your area. This will be a great way to jump-start your client base. You can also introduce yourself to complementary medical professionals for referrals when a patient comes in with a health issue they cannot solve and would be more fitted for your practice instead.


Advertising should not be used as a substitute for word of mouth but it can help promote it. If you offer a free first visit within an ad, you most likely will get new patients. Depending on their experience they will recommend you to their friends. You may have to offer a free first visit, but you will collect more money each time that patient returns, meaning each patient has a higher lifetime value to your medical practice. Advertising for medical practice has so much potential. You can speak directly to the people who are having the same health issues that only you can fix. Imagine an ad that literally said your name in it, you would stop and read what the ad had to say. You can utilize a similar strategy. Here is a similar article I wrote about SEO or Advertising and which one is best for your business.


  1. Social Media.

Social media is here to stay for a while and is a powerful tool to grow your medical practice. If done correctly, it can be a big source of new patients and returning patients. Remember to use each platform the way it should be used. Use LinkedIn to post about more specific business issues related to the medical industry, Instagram to tell the story of your office, your employees, and inside jokes, Facebook to engage with your audience, answer any questions, and give recommendations. Use all social media platforms to post testimonials and social proof.


  1. Re-purpose Your Business Cards.

Every business has business cards, yet they are probably the most under-valued asset of any business. What if your business card doubled as a coupon for a free first visit or a free next visit. You can even implement a QR Code that gives the patient an easier user experience, while also giving your business more contact information and data for your target audience.


  1. Google My Business.

Search Engine Optimization is the key to growing a new medical practice. People search Google for their current symptoms or for a doctor in your field and they usually move forward with the first result. Setting up a Google My Business page helps you out-rank the competition. The more reviews you get on your GMB listing, the higher you will rank in your area.


Marketing is a key investment with any business and it improves over time with insights and data collection. Over time you will see a huge impact of marketing on your business and it will bring in a steady flow of new patients and returning patients.


If you need help with your medical practices’ marketing, maybe it’s time to hire an expert marketing agency to run your campaign for you.


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