Internet Marketing Agencies

What Do Internet Marketing Agencies Do?


Internet marketing agencies like The Marketer are responsible for utilizing digital marketing for their clients with the main idea of generating more exposure and traffic through various online channels. Over time with consistent and dedicated digital marketing management a client’s business will see large increases of organic traffic. 


Imagine having 5-10 customers visit your physical store location daily. That gives you a few opportunities to sell and up-sell your products. If you had a website that is purposed to sell more of your products or services daily traffic is important. You could pay for ads to drive traffic to your store, you could invest in SEO to start generating more organic traffic, you could utilize social media to inform your followers of a new promotion or sale that is happening on your website, or you could even utilize a list of past customers and email them a newsletter. 


All of these tactics help drive traffic to your site and give you more opportunities to sell. Along with those 5-10 in-person customers, you could have 1,000 virtual customers a day. Internet marketing agencies help businesses accomplish this goal every day. Each company is different and may need a different strategy to grow. This is where having a 1 on 1 discovery call comes into play. You can schedule a discovery call with The Marketer here: Discovery Call


What Should I Ask When Working With Internet Marketing Agencies?


Internet Marketing is in high demand and thus there are now a lot of internet marketing agencies bombarding business owners with their sales pitch. Here are some questions to ask before working with an internet marketing agency:


  1. Who have you worked with before? 

If you are working in a very niche industry it may be a good sign to work with a marketing agency that specializes in your industry. We have worked with many businesses in complementary industries and we can tell you that every business is different but having experience in a niche industry helps with positioning. You may also find a local company in an agency’s portfolio that you admire and would like the same success that company has found. 


  1. Do you have a portfolio or past results you can show me?

If a marketing agency does not have past results to show you that may be a red flag. Before my agency brought in our first client, I read all the literature possible on marketing and I even graduated with a degree in marketing but yet there was still a big learning curve. Over the years with real-world experience, we have the confidence to back up our results to our clients and have brought consistent results. Once you look over an agency’s portfolio that should give you the best idea on what kind of results you can expect for your own business if you choose that agency. 


  1. Can you guarantee me anything? 

In the field of marketing and advertising, it is very hard to guarantee results because they are determinant on external factors. However, marketing agencies with a great track record will be able to give you some sort of a guarantee. For example, The Marketer offers an optimized advertisement campaign within 4-6 weeks or your money back. An optimized campaign is when your advertising is effective at bringing in more revenue than you are spending on the budget. We understand marketing is a hefty investment for any company and we appreciate our clients trusting us with their hard-earned money so we make this guarantee to ease their mind and show them we are in this together. If the marketing agency you are speaking to cannot offer a guarantee, that should be a red flag for you. 


What Are The Best Internet Marketing Agencies To Work With? 


The Marketer from St. Petersburg Florida | Advertising & Marketing Automation

The Marketer is a St. Pete Florida marketing agency specializing in digital advertising and marketing automation. If you need more customers on a consistent basis, this is the agency for you. This blog was written by Brenden The Marketer so of course, we are going to include ourselves in this list. Just see for yourself the results we can bring to your company here: Get The Marketer.


Konrad from New York City | UX & Technology

Konrad is one of the top internet marketing agencies in the world and this is the agency for you if you have the budget and a very complex idea. Keep in mind, this article was written by a competitor of Konrad and we still highly recommend using them to create the best digital marketing for your company. 


Spark from San Diego | Design & Branding 

If you want a strong brand that will attract your ideal clients Spark is the agency for you. They consistently put out unbelievable designs and branding packages for widely respected businesses. Reach out to them to start your creative process and outshine all of your competitors, we promise you won’t be disappointed. 


Blubird Marketing from St. Petersburg Florida | Social Media & Email Campaigns

Blubird is a close partner of The Marketer because they have such a consistent track record. The founder, Lauren Mabra, is a marketing genius and can grow any brand they take on. If you are looking to grow your online presence and social media following give Blubird a shout!


We hope this article helped you understand internet marketing agencies, what they do, and how to pick the right one. As always, if you want to schedule a discovery call with The Marketer himself, you can do so here: Get The Marketer.


-The Marketer


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