Humanize Your Marketing For 2021

Marketing in 2021 is about to change in a huge way. It is almost 2021 and the Facebook pixel was first released in 2013. That means almost 8 years of marketers utilizing retargeting abilities and funnels to drive traffic and boost conversion rates. If you are reading this I assume you already know what a facebook pixel is. If not, here is a great article to read: https://blog.hootsuite.com/facebook-pixel/


Maybe if we took what we know now and went back to 2013 our business would skyrocket. But let’s be honest, the space is becoming very saturated and consumers are starting to notice. 


Anything that says “free” has a catch. You want my information to try to sell to me later. If I give you my email address you will spam me or even sell my information to another company to spam me more. 


People want what they want and most of all they want to be left alone. Retargeting is great for low-cost conversions, but interrupting the user experience to deliver an ad only makes your brand “annoying” in the eyes of the customer. 


So what do you do for your marketing in 2021? 


First of all, offer your freebie completely for free. Stop making people enter email addresses to download something they want. I guarantee you will start getting more downloads and building more trust with your target audience. Also, they would have entered your pixel audience anyways to eventually retarget them with follow-up messages. 


My “freebie” The Perfect Marketing Plan Guide has my branding on every page. So business owners who download this pdf will 100% know my agency before they finish reading the guide.

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Second of all, stop sending mass messages on social media to anyone and everyone you connect with. It doesn’t work and needs to be stopped. I use direct outreach daily, but before I reach out to anyone I have spent 5-10 minutes looking at their profile, website, and posts. When I reach out it is a thought-out message asking them specifics about things I found on their profile. More likely I get a lot of responses this way rather than sending the same message to over 100 people within 5 minutes. 


Add the “human touch” to your marketing. A lot of times I will send handwritten letters to prospects or past clients, just to check in with them. I am not offering anything up-front but just a connection, letting them know I am here to help. 


I get direct mail promotions almost every day but I have never received a handwritten letter from a company trying to connect. 


The pendulum is swinging back, for 2021 marketing, towards personalized experiences and human connection. Make sure you are incorporating this into your business model now before the pendulum swings back to digital marketing. 


My name is Brenden The Marketer, I am based out of St. Pete Florida and I sell your products so you don’t have to. If you need help with your sales, reach out, and let’s continue the conversation!


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