How To Stay Informed For People In a Hurry

How To Stay Informed For People In A Hurry

Business owners are always so busy.

If this sounds like you then I am sure you are finding less and less time to research your industry.

It is so important to research your industry often to be aware of new advances or new challenges coming your way.

After all, you’re an “Expert” to your customers, have to keep up that knowledge base!


Provided below are 5 useful tips on how to stay current with industry advances for people in a hurry:


Magazine Subscriptions – It’s 2020 who reads magazines anymore?

When is the last time anyone even saw a piece of paper?

Well, that is actually a good way to think for your competitors, not you.

Imagine how hard of a hit magazine companies took when Elon Musk invented the iPhone.

Their fix? Make their magazines better and full of exclusive information so people will buy them. 


I subscribe to a lot of magazines, usually, the subscription is less than $10 for a year’s worth of published issues.

These magazines are great to keep you informed on new advances being made and they do not take long to read.

Especially since issues print about every other month, you can take your time to digest the information. 


They always include “Hot Topics” that are interesting enough for people to buy the magazine.

These types of topics are what you want to be aware of.

Stay on top of your industry to make sure you are ahead of the curve if any major changes happen. 


Here are some good business magazines to subscribe to:



Ad Week 

Ad Age

Marketing Week


Books – Books are an obvious choice to stay informed but this article is for people who don’t have time.

Books take a long time to read.

The solution?

Use services like Mentor Box or Audible


Mentor Box breaks down best-selling business books and has the authors themselves, explain the books, and what they are all about for around $7 per month.

You can essentially read an entire book and fully understand the message within 30 minutes, STRAIGHT FROM THE AUTHOR!


Audible is a must-have for the “on-the-go businessman”.

Commuting, walking, or waiting could be turned into reading and learning.

Reading is the best way to improve yourself, keep your mind sharp, and explore new ideas for your business.

Audible is about $15 per month but this subscription comes with a free book per month which basically means the subscription pays for itself. 


Blogs – Blog Articles are the best way to read small bite-sized information about big topics.

Usually reading the first couple paragraphs will give you the main idea of the article.

This will at least get your mind working at how this topic can play a role in your business or industry. 


Clearly I would recommend reading the full blog post but this article is for people in a hurry.

Some of the best blogs to read for business owners are listed below: 



Mention Blog

SEM Rush

Get App

Disruptive Advertising 


Youtube Videos – In my generation we absolutely love YouTube.

It is basically a new search engine because you can ask any question and get an answer in video format.

Video is more engaging and shows real examples of what you are trying to accomplish.

Use YouTube as a tool to fix immediate issues at hand in your business but also as a constant learning tool. 


The more you watch YouTube videos the more you will realize which channels appeal to you the most.

I have listed a few helpful and knowledgeable channels I actively watch to keep me informed with today’s marketing advancements:


Neil Patel

Adam Erhart

Tedx Talks


Podcasts – Someone once said a podcast is like being in a conversation with your best friends.

It brings you into the room while they are talking.

This is a great alternative to audiobooks.

Some podcasts bring great expert guests on to share their mindset or philosophies.

Podcasts are a great way to learn about new advances in your industry or also give you new ideas on how to run your business. 


I have listed below a few of the educational podcasts I subscribe to that keeps me informed with the marketing industry: 


The Marketing Mentor Podcast 

Marketing School 

Marketing Secrets 

Problem Solvers 


In Conclusion, there is a lot of methods you can utilize to stay on top of your industry even with limited time.

The short answer is just to make learning a DAILY priority.

Wake up 30 minutes earlier to read.

Stay up 30 minutes later to read.

It can be done and if you think it can’t you just are not prioritizing learning.

This is very important to do because things change every day and you’ll be left behind and your business will feel the effects of this.

Marketing companies like my own are very competitive and are always trying to bury the competition.

This is my motivation for learning and I truly love to read more.

Gives a new meaning to the phrase “Knowledge is Power”.

I’d like to think as The Marketer I know everything about Marketing and I can sell any product.

But without constant learning, my marketing tactics will become less effective and I will stop bringing results for my clients.

I want my marketing agency to grow and this will happen with me continuing to learn about marketing every day.

You should do the same for your industry, if not, someone else will.


The Marketer 


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