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A Letter From The Marketer

Dear Reader,

My name is Brenden The Marketer and I have been working with local businesses since 2015. Improving their branding and marketing is the core of what I do. However, along the way, I have learned so many things and discovered so many industries.

Marketing, done correctly, can solve all your business problems and assure you are on the right track with your growth. For all my clients, we start with market research, then we base our strategy behind what the data showed us. One thing that is for sure, is that a strategy that is backed by data never fails. Ask yourself how often have you invested in market research? I would recommend investing between $250-$1000 in market research every year. Then use this data to adjust your marketing strategy. Over a few years, your company will surpass all your competitors. The biggest companies in the world have a research department that conducts market research every single day. For example, Johnson & Johnson does this.

Marketing can be used across all industries to connect one’s business to its ideal target customers. The Marketer is a St. Pete, FL, marketing agency that offers full-service marketing support to their clients. The case studies above are from some of my past clients who I have completely innovated and designed from the ground up. These companies have come to me to research, design, and build their companies myself. If you want to start the conversation about how The Marketer can help your business, visit my contact page here.

I hope to hear from you soon to discuss your current sales and marketing processes and how they can be improved to bring you the greatest return on investment. Then, maybe your company will be displayed on this page for new interested visitors to find.

-Brenden The Marketer