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Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Nowadays, digital marketing is the standard for all businesses. The internet keeps getting bigger and soon that’s where human beings will live permanently. Okay maybe that is a stretch but the average time a person spent on the internet increased 60% in the last 5 years. That is largely due to social media platforms but that gives businesses a huge opportunity to reach their exact audience. Do you have a solid strategy for your business’s digital marketing? If not, you came to the right place. 


Before we start, if you are looking for a marketing plan, feel free to grab my free PDF on how to make the perfect marketing plan. No email required. 


If you are looking for more tips on how to improve your digital marketing strategy, here they come:


Social Media: 

Don’t just have social media to have social media, make great use out of it. Utilizing social media properly can become a second stream of income for your business. Don’t post pictures that have no purpose. Look at the pictures you and your staff like on their personal time and come up with a strategy on how you can incorporate some of the common features into your business. Even if you sell something as boring as vacuums, every business has a story, inside jokes, and great content. Capitalize on how human you really are. Create a skit using your products. Videos perform 63% better than single image content. I wrote another article on reasons why your social media isn’t working.


Also if you have a social media account but you rarely post, just deactivate the account. You should never have social media just because. If you want to post more but you don’t have the time, contact my marketing agency, The Marketer, and we can set you up with a thriving social media following. 



You don’t have to have a big budget to reach the right people. With retargeting on Google and Facebook you can see the highest ROAS (return on ad spend) just from retargeting the organic traffic that came to your website. These ads can be between $2.50-$5.00 daily and your store conversions will skyrocket with enough returning customers. 


If advertising and retargeting give you too much of a headache, this is something my agency can provide for you, and I believe we do a pretty kick-ass job! 


Search Engine Optimization:

How does your SEO benefit your company? Have you ever looked into it? Here is a great free SEO analyzer, click that hyperlink and enter your website to see your SEO score. Improving your SEO is ideal to increase organic traffic to your site. If your website is properly set up with the intention of funneling website visitors closer to a sale or contact, then having an increase of website visitors will be highly profitable. Imagine having an extra 1,000 people per month in your physical store. You are bound to make more sales. 


Ready to appear at the top search result for your industry? Let my agency handle your SEO for you and start getting more traffic into your (online) store. 


Some other great forms of digital marketing include: 

  • Digital outreach 
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing automation 
  • Digital advertising 


If you think your digital marketing could be improved let’s schedule a discovery call to see where you now are compared to where you want to be. Get The Marketer.

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