Advertise Your Roofing Business

dvertise Your Roofing Business

If you’re running a business, advertising is a core part of the process. Once you’re a successful company, you can outsource the task by hiring experts when it comes to advertising for the roofing business. However, at the very start of your business, you might not be in the position to spend a lot in the marketing department. If we’re painting a picture similar to your current scenario, this article is just the place for you. We absolutely adore the concept of DIY-ing your marketing needs. In this article, we’re going to cover some of the best ways to advertise for the roofing business. Let’s jump right into it.

1. Optimized Website

The first way to create a decent customer base with actual guaranteed sales is to make sure that your site is completely optimized as per Google’s requirements for its algorithm ranking. It’s a highly unknown fact that even something irrelevant to your business-like page loading times can have an incredible impact on your ranking on Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Here are a few factors you should be aware of.


The most important and game-changing factor of a company’s website is its SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In SEO, a person uses certain phrases or keywords that help Google understand exactly what the article is about. For instance, we can repeatedly use the term (and I did use it!) ‘advertising for roofing companies’, we can tell Google what this article is about, and as a result, Google gives us a higher ranking on their search results. If you do a good enough job by incorporating a combination of high traffic, low competition keywords, you might just be able to make it to the very first page, which is all the advertising for roofing companies you could ever need.

  Outbound Links

When it comes to adding credibility to your website, there’s no better way to do so than outbound links (Sometimes known as Backlinks). Outbound links don’t only create a positive effect in the minds of the readers. It also tells Google that the information on your website is backed up by credible news outlets or statistics supporting your point of view. You can order Backlinks from The Marketer Here.

  Unique Content

Google doesn’t distinguish much between good and great content. However, Google really frowns upon copy-pasting content from another website. In case you are caught copying the content (which happens pretty easily), Google will drop your website rank and make sure that it doesn’t come up anytime soon.

There are thousands of other factors apart from these three. While we do know a few hundred of those, the complexity of Google’s algorithm doesn’t allow us to know everything. If you’re looking for a bit of a detailed analysis of the algorithm, here is an article by Backlinko which contains two hundred factors that Google takes into consideration. If you are cramped for time and need exceptionally great content, you can purchase a guest post from The Marketer Here.

2. Landing Page Set Up

There’s no textbook definition of landing pages. Everyone will give you a different definition based on their varying approaches. In my mind, landing pages are meant to be the main point of contact between a potential client and a sale. A landing page must contain enough information to persuade a lead along with a purchase or contact button that they can use to become a customer immediately.

The reason behind the whole purpose of a landing page is to capitalize on buyer impulsiveness. Receiving traffic while advertising for roofing companies is difficult—however, it’s not impossible. The much more difficult part of the process is to create conversions. Conversions define the amount of traffic that actually proceeds to hire your services. By offering the option to quickly hire your services, you become an impulsive purchase and have a much better way to generate conversations even on a low amount of traffic.

3. Google Ads

Google Ads are a quick hack to reach the top of the search page. However, it’s a pretty expensive ordeal. On average, advertising for roofing companies will cost around $1-$2 per click. According to Google, most small companies are going to be spending around $9000-$10000 on ads monthly. This is a pretty big number and, in most cases, your marketing budget will not allow you to spend such a high amount, especially if you’re a new company. But, if your company can allot this much towards advertisements, go for it. It’ll be a great investment. Here are some DFY Advertising Services provided by The Marketer. Ad Copywriting. Ad Design.

4. Facebook Pixel

Pixel is Facebook’s advertising platform with an insane amount of potential, especially when advertising for roofing companies. Pixel allows a ton of tools tailored specifically to make your job easier. You can target certain demographics, specific regions, people that follow companies in the roofing industry, etc. The difference between Facebook Pixel and a lot of other tools is that Facebook allows comprehensive access to your specific demographics to ensure that the money you spend on clicks is from people that are actually invested in you and the industry.

5. Marketing Automation to Follow Up Instantly

Following up with potential customers, current customers, and even former ones is a great idea to run your business, especially if you’re working in a locality. Who doesn’t like special attention? You should make it a part of your advertising technique. It’s a proven way of bringing in new customers and making sure the past ones keep coming back. You can do this manually, but things will get out of hand pretty fast. It’s better to invest in software that can completely automate your email marketing and make the most out of your efforts.

Closing Thoughts

So, those were some of the fundamental basics of how advertising for roofing companies takes place. It’s a pretty overwhelming experience, especially for people that don’t have a background in the marketing industry. If you’re looking for a professional that can take over this hectic task for you, give me a call. I’m running The Marketer, an industry leader in the world of digital marketing. My job is to connect you to your clients while ensuring the utmost convenience for you and your business. If you’re looking for an easy way of advertising for roofing companies, let me know, and I’ll strategize the best advertising strategy for your business.

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